On September 13, we hosted our first XPLR.Lowlands meetup. This was a full virtual event, streamed from our community studio. We hosted the following sessions:


Navigating the world of AI infrastructure as a data scientist: Gabrielle Davelaar & Ekaterina Sirazitdinova

Traditionally hardware has always been a job for a High Performance Specialist. With the arrival of State-of-the-Art models such as GPT-3, Turing and Megatron-Turing more compute has been proven to be necessary. This talk is about how to navigate through the world of GPU’s, bandwidth, parallelization from a data science perspective.

A Quick Trip Across the Metaverse and Realities: Thomas Lewis

The volume is increasing from news around the Metaverse as well as Mixed Reality across Virtual and Augmented Reality. It can be a bit confusing. Also, what is Microsoft doing in all of these spaces? Join us for a fast-paced tour of all the realities, what Microsoft is doing in this space, understanding why this is a space for us to invest in and a look into the future.


You can watch the recording of the stream here:

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