In our three launch episodes, Dave and Sjoukje look at the cloud market from three different angles: the market itself, how CxO’s are viewing that market and from a personal leadership experience perspective.

In our final launch episode, they talk to Systemic Leadership Sherpa, Alastair Kidd about how embarking on a cloud transformation journey could also be a personal development journey!  How that could help reframe your leadership action to more effectively drive business value out of the cloud and why you need to be aware of the Complexity Paradox!  Finally, they talk about Googles recent announcement about opening new regions in Europe and speculate on why.


  • 01:07 Intros
  • 01:51 Cloud conversation with Alastair Kidd
  • 22:10 The complexity paradox
  • 28:20 Why so many cloud regions?
  • 32:32 Chickens!

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