TelCo is a Sector where Cloud based software defined networks are driving customer expectations combined with potentially providing huge operational efficiencies.  Telcos are increasingly moving their networks to the cloud, recognizing the significant advantages this can provide – 31% of global network capacity is being serviced by cloud today, and this is expected to increase to 46% in the next 3 to 5 years.

Dave, Sjoukje & Rob talk with Geoff Hollingworth, CMO of Rakuten Symphony about their experience as a Cloud Native Telco, and what we can learn by looking at what is possible on the other side of cloud transformation.  The team explore what a telco cloud transformation is (is it different from cloud transformation in other sectors?), the operational differences between a Cloud Native and traditional Telco and cloud transformation progress and nuances in the sector

Finally, in this weeks Trend, we talk about the FinOps Foundation and the misconception of FinOps being just about saving money.

00:52 Intros
02:07 Cloud conversation with Geoff Hollingworth
35:30 The FinOps Foundation 
39:51 Getting some sleep!

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