Building a smarter organisation with Machine Learning with Tom Godden

Artificial intelligence seems to be being talked about everywhere this year, but is really being leveraged as much as that suggests, and do we really understand what it is, its limitations and its dangers?

Dave, Sjoukje & Rob are joined by Tom Godden, Director of Enterprise Strategy at AWS about the uptake of AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning in businesses today.  They also set out some definitions and how each of the technologies can be effectively used.  Finally, they talk about some real case studies, including pizza cooking and delivery optimisation, a subject close to all of our hearts.

01:43 Intros
03:01 Cloud conversation with Tom Godden
32:10 Five predications for AI in 2023
40:30 Next level technology futures presentations at AWS 2023 events!

Criticality of Psychological Safety in Digital Transformation with Duena Blomstrom

Modern ways of working require significant engagement from everyone involved to ensure the right things are getting done and the right time and the levels of creativity are sustained for innovation.  How do we get the balance right?

Dave, Sjoukje & Rob are joined by Duena Blomstrom, CEO of PeopleNotTech, author and influencer to discuss what drives a teams performance is it process, technology, method, or does it come down to things that are actually far more human?  The team discuss why Psychological Safety remains a critical element in driving outcomes from modern teams and get an insight into Duenas thinking on “Human Debt”. Finally, the team discuss the other elements that make up modern high performing teams.

00:38 Intros
00:52 Cloud conversation with Duena Blomstrom
27:00 What makes up High Performing Teams
31:30 I just want to sleep ’till 05:30!

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The Cloud Value Flywheel Effect pt.2 with Anderson, McCann & O’Reilly

In this second part, Dave, Sjoukje & Rob continue their talk with David Anderson, Mark McCann & Micheal O’Reilly authors of ‘The Value Flywheel Effect: Power the Future and Accelerate your Organisation to the Modern Cloud’, and hear about how the book came to fruition and the Cloud transformation model that they developed from their time at Liberty Mutual and you anyone can leverage it to drive value, starting today!

In Tech Trends we talk about the increasing pace of organisations moving to the cloud, find out where analysts think we will be in 3 years time and why that might be true.

00:48 Intro
01:10 Cloud conversation with David Anderson, Mark McCann & Micheal O’Reilly
25:46 Increasing pace of tech infrastructure migration to cloud
32:11 Reactions to the book!

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The Cloud Value Flywheel Effect pt.1 with Anderson, McCann & O’Reilly

In this first part, Dave, Sjoukje & Rob meet David Anderson, Mark McCann & Micheal O’Reilly authors of ‘The Value Flywheel Effect: Power the Future and Accelerate your Organisation to the Modern Cloud’, and hear about their time at Liberty Mutual where, hungry for pioneering techniques, they drove a serverless centric cloud transformation and started to talk to Simon Wardly about value streams.

In Tech Trends this week we talk about something on everyones mind, the cost of Cloud as we run into 2023 and discuss best practice ways to manage it.

01:35 Intros
02:30 Cloud conversation with David Anderson, Mark McCann & Micheal O’Reilly
36:58 Managing Cloud cost
46:00 The second time around!

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Christmas Special! Are we living in a simulation, and does it matter? with Anders Indset

For some special Christmas food for thought, we focus on the far reaches of our “Realities”.  Here on the show we believe that interventional, courageous leadership combined with cloud can change the future reality of a business or human.  But, what is real? What is not? And does it matter?!

We look at the thinking currently happening in the space of the Simulation Hypothesis, which suggests that we likely live in a computer simulation, and ask how it can be applied to solve “better problems” and improve our innovation ambition.

Dave and Sjoukje are reunited with re:Invent Roving Reporter Rob Kernahan, who’s finally back from Vegas, and they talk to Anders Indset, Philosopher, Author and renowned speaker to get his insights following some recent research he has been participating in, in this field, as well as his thinking on The Quantum Economy (links below).

Finally, in tech trends we talk about the EUs recent use of the Metaverse to engage Gen Z in the work they do.  It was ill attended sadly, so the team speculate on what might have happened.

01:36 Intros
02:14 Cloud conversation with Anders Indset
EU in the Metaverse
Christmas with family and a Quantum Economy trilogy!

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Do we live in a quantum simulation? Constraints, observations, and experiments on the simulation hypothesis (Anders Inset, Florian Neukart, Markus Pflitsch and Michael Perelshtein)

The Quantum Economy: Saving the Mensch with Humanistic Capitalism
Anders Indset:

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Digitalisation in healthcare with Tony Ambrozie

The healthcare care industry has been disrupted, with new entrants to the industry and tech, such as wearables, providing consumers with far more information and options, huge change is occurring.  How are healthcare providers responding to their customers’ expectations and health needs?

Dave and Sjoukje talk to Chief Digital & Information Officer of Baptist Health, Tony Ambrozie to hear about how they are using cloud to respond and transform their organisation, and how a step wise approach to cloud now sees them 70% migrated and well on the way to using tech to proactively improve patient health. 

Finally, in tech trends, they talk about how UK Government is using an innovative AI incentive scheme to help tackle decarbonisation.


01:06  Intros

01:48  Cloud conversation with Tony Ambrozie

20:54  AI for Decarbonisation

23:25  Improving patient health!

The digitalisation of marketing with James Trezona

The marketing industry has been at the spear head of digitalisation, both in how its customers are changing their expectations and in how marketing professionals work on a day to day basis, increasing both scale of reach and the ability to create meaningful experiences.  

Dave and Sjoukje talk to the Founder of Rooster Punk, James Trezona, to hear his perspective on how his profession has been transformed, but also how critical it is to focus on human and customer experience.  Finally, they reflect on the implications of Elon Musks recent take-over of Twitter.


01:09 Intros

02:50 Cloud conversation with James Trezona

27:13 Elon musk buys Twitter

31:05 The next book!

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Humanising B2B, Paul Cash & James Trezona 

AWS re:Invent 2022: Cloud driven business transformation with Jonathan Allen

The team are at AWS re:Invent 2022 for our first live shows!

Jonathan Allen, Director Enterprise Strategy, AWS joins us to talk about what drives cloud transformation and how not to sabotage yours!

Rob updates us on what’s trending on Day 2 of the show.

AWS re:Invent 2022: Lessons from a scale early adopter with Dimitris Perdikou

The team are at AWS re:Invent 2022 for our first live shows!

Dimitris Perdikou, Head of Engineering, Home Office, UK Government shares with us the Home Office early adoption (at scale) of the cloud, seven years ago(!) and the challenges that bring when you move to second generation cloud.
Dimitris Perdikou

It’s Day 2 and the big themes of the conference are becoming clearer, our Roving Reporter Rob reports!

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