Digitalisation in an inherently complex activity, with unknowns being very high and experimentation required on an ongoing basis – there is no ‘once and done’.  The changes in leadership framing, decision making and ways of working required are hugely under estimated in discussions and planning of ‘transformation’ and failure to engage with that could risk your success.

Dave, Sjoukje & Rob talk with Dave Snowden, Director and Founder of the Cynefin Centre about his work on making sense of complexity, they discuss Dave’s seminal work, the Cynefin Framework, how he has subsequently built on that thinking and how you apply that it in the digitalisation process of your organisation.  His insights are not to be missed.

Finally, in this weeks Trend, we set out some perceived wisdom of what is required in digital leadership and see what stacks up.

00:43 Intros
01:21 Cloud conversation with Dave Snowden
24:53 Six Tips For CEOs for Leading Digital Transformations  
40:31 Wainwright walks! 

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