On May 26 we had an awesome Global XR Talks again! We had the following sessions:

XR Session 1 – VR/AR Rehabilitation: It’s Not Only About Healthcare

An immersive talk on the great initiatives of VR/AR smart solutions for rehabilitation goals. The new rehabilitation is a must: fast, measurable, techy oriented, and goals achieved. In this session, you will learn how to develop the architecture of solution aimed to help the targeted group to reach healthcare goals with existing solutions.

Marina Petrakova – CEO and Co-Founder of VREACH
Linda Lancere – Digital Physical Therapy, Human Wellbeing Strengthening Implementor

XR Session 2 – Reimagining Tourism Through Extended Reality

With the restart of global tourism due to the Covid-19 pandemic, there has been a considerable demand for the use of technology, especially immersive technologies, to help restart tourism as more users now engage with a virtual experience of destinations they would love to visit online. I will be sharing insights, current solutions on how virtual reality, augmented reality can be used as a massive tool for destination experiences and content development to boost tourism globally.

Arome Ibrahim – 360VR Developer, Co-Founder – Experis Immersive

Watch the recording

You can watch the recording of the stream here: