On April 21st we had an amazing Global XR Talks again! We had the following session:

XR Session – Building WebXR Apps for the HoloLens

Microsoft recently released the Chromium version of Microsoft Edge for HoloLens. This means that a lot of Web APIs that weren’t previously available now can be used, like the WebXR Device API for example. By building a simple game, I’ll show you how you can use WebXR and other APIs on the HoloLens.

Speaker: Timmy Kokke – Lead Developer ⍟ Software Architect ⍟ Mobile, Web and VR/AR Developer ⍟ Microsoft MVP at Velicus

And of course, after te session we did some virtual socializing in our Global XR Community zone in AltSpaceVR!

Watch the recording

You can watch the recording of the stream here: