“Digital transformation” a phrase that has been used for years, often thought to be overused and perhaps hollow, maybe coming of age.  This week we look into this phrase and what its meant over the years, but also try to understand what’s changed to make it more material. 

Dave, Sjoukje & Rob talk with Jeff DeVerter, Tech Evangelist from Rackspace about what has made this real in 2023 and what is different organisationally, culturally and technically in a “digitally transformed” organisation.  Also, they try to understand the difference between digitisation and digitalisation, how this may change professions and how this type of transformation can help us become more customer relevant.

Finally, in this weeks Trend, we talk about cloud enabled digital transformation and how cloud fits in.

01:24 Intros
02:19 Cloud conversation with Jeff Daverter
22:30 Why Cloud is key in enabling digital transformation 
31:40 Going for a nap!