Modern ways of working require significant engagement from everyone involved to ensure the right things are getting done and the right time and the levels of creativity are sustained for innovation.  How do we get the balance right?

Dave, Sjoukje & Rob are joined by Duena Blomstrom, CEO of PeopleNotTech, author and influencer to discuss what drives a teams performance is it process, technology, method, or does it come down to things that are actually far more human?  The team discuss why Psychological Safety remains a critical element in driving outcomes from modern teams and get an insight into Duenas thinking on “Human Debt”. Finally, the team discuss the other elements that make up modern high performing teams.

00:38 Intros
00:52 Cloud conversation with Duena Blomstrom
27:00 What makes up High Performing Teams
31:30 I just want to sleep ’till 05:30!

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