XPLR.Lowlands: September 13 (virtual)

On September 13, we hosted our first XPLR.Lowlands meetup. This was a full virtual event, streamed from our community studio. We hosted the following sessions:


Navigating the world of AI infrastructure as a data scientist: Gabrielle Davelaar & Ekaterina Sirazitdinova

Traditionally hardware has always been a job for a High Performance Specialist. With the arrival of State-of-the-Art models such as GPT-3, Turing and Megatron-Turing more compute has been proven to be necessary. This talk is about how to navigate through the world of GPU’s, bandwidth, parallelization from a data science perspective.

A Quick Trip Across the Metaverse and Realities: Thomas Lewis

The volume is increasing from news around the Metaverse as well as Mixed Reality across Virtual and Augmented Reality. It can be a bit confusing. Also, what is Microsoft doing in all of these spaces? Join us for a fast-paced tour of all the realities, what Microsoft is doing in this space, understanding why this is a space for us to invest in and a look into the future.


You can watch the recording of the stream here:

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Global XR Talks – April 2022

This Global XR Talks, Alexander Meijers presented the following session:

Introduction to Microsoft Remote Assist and Guides

Microsoft offers a broad range of solutions modernizing field services with Mixed Reality for technicians. It empowers them by offering modern tools like Mixed Reality devices, Video calls, Annotations and File Sharing capabilities. These tools allow field service workers to solve complex problems even faster, collaborate together with experts and gives them easy access to work orders. Another one of them is creating customized training modules for new workers on the factory floor. Using Dynamics 365 and Microsoft HoloLens 2 we are able to create augmented training which allows new workers to be more quickly in learning their daily job, support workers in complex tasks and even guide audits. This session will give you an introduction to both first-party apps of Microsoft.

Watch the recording

You can watch the recording of the session here:

Global XR Talks – September 2021

On September 23 after our summer break, we organized another Global XR Talks! This time we had the following awesome session:

Zaid Zaim: Mixed Reality for Cultural Heritage

Zaid is going to share his journey and experience on how he came to Mixed Reality and working with HoloLens.
Then He will take the audience on a journey to the ancient city of Palmyra (UNSECO Cultural Heritage site in Syria) and will demonstrate within his talk a live demo with HoloLens 2 bringing Palmyras monuments back to life.

Watch the recording

You can watch the recording of the stream here:

Global XR Talks – June 2021

On June 23, we organized another Global XR Talks! This time we had the following awesome sessions:

Fields of Light

In this session, Milan will talk about light fields, what are they, what are they useful for, how do they work and what hardware and software solutions are there currently.
Speaker: Milan Pollé

Extended Reality NFTs: The Future of Art

Learn all about Extended Reality NFTs. What is an NFT? How can an NFT be XR? How do I make an NFT? This talk fills you in on all things XR NFT related including information on environmentally friendly NFT blockchains.
Speaker: Victoria Del Castillo

Watch the recording

You can watch the recording of the stream here:

Global XR Talks – May 2021

On May 26 we had an awesome Global XR Talks again! We had the following sessions:

XR Session 1 – VR/AR Rehabilitation: It’s Not Only About Healthcare

An immersive talk on the great initiatives of VR/AR smart solutions for rehabilitation goals. The new rehabilitation is a must: fast, measurable, techy oriented, and goals achieved. In this session, you will learn how to develop the architecture of solution aimed to help the targeted group to reach healthcare goals with existing solutions.

Marina Petrakova – CEO and Co-Founder of VREACH
Linda Lancere – Digital Physical Therapy, Human Wellbeing Strengthening Implementor

XR Session 2 – Reimagining Tourism Through Extended Reality

With the restart of global tourism due to the Covid-19 pandemic, there has been a considerable demand for the use of technology, especially immersive technologies, to help restart tourism as more users now engage with a virtual experience of destinations they would love to visit online. I will be sharing insights, current solutions on how virtual reality, augmented reality can be used as a massive tool for destination experiences and content development to boost tourism globally.

Arome Ibrahim – 360VR Developer, Co-Founder – Experis Immersive

Watch the recording

You can watch the recording of the stream here:

Global XR Talks – April 2021

On April 21st we had an amazing Global XR Talks again! We had the following session:

XR Session – Building WebXR Apps for the HoloLens

Microsoft recently released the Chromium version of Microsoft Edge for HoloLens. This means that a lot of Web APIs that weren’t previously available now can be used, like the WebXR Device API for example. By building a simple game, I’ll show you how you can use WebXR and other APIs on the HoloLens.

Speaker: Timmy Kokke – Lead Developer ⍟ Software Architect ⍟ Mobile, Web and VR/AR Developer ⍟ Microsoft MVP at Velicus

And of course, after te session we did some virtual socializing in our Global XR Community zone in AltSpaceVR!

Watch the recording

You can watch the recording of the stream here:

Global XR Talks Special – Microsoft Mesh Panel

On April 1st, we had our first Global XR Talks special! This was all about the release of Microsoft Mesh.

A panel of industry experts discussed this amazing technology and all the functionalities it has to offer. With hot new information straight from Microsoft and well known Microsoft MVPs, host Jesse McCulloch and a brilliant lineup of speakers (Simon Skaria, Dorrene Brown, René Schulte, Ivana Tilca and Joost van Schaik) are joined by our own Saskia Groenewegen and Alexander Meijers for an hour of inspiration and innovation.

Watch the recording

You can watch the recording of the stream here:

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