Building a smarter organisation with Machine Learning with Tom Godden

Artificial intelligence seems to be being talked about everywhere this year, but is really being leveraged as much as that suggests, and do we really understand what it is, its limitations and its dangers?

Dave, Sjoukje & Rob are joined by Tom Godden, Director of Enterprise Strategy at AWS about the uptake of AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning in businesses today.  They also set out some definitions and how each of the technologies can be effectively used.  Finally, they talk about some real case studies, including pizza cooking and delivery optimisation, a subject close to all of our hearts.

01:43 Intros
03:01 Cloud conversation with Tom Godden
32:10 Five predications for AI in 2023
40:30 Next level technology futures presentations at AWS 2023 events!

Author: Sjoukje Zaal

Sjoukje Zaal is head of the Microsoft Cloud Center of Excellence at Capgemini, Microsoft Regional Director and Microsoft Azure MVP with over 20 years of experience providing architecture, development, consultancy, and design expertise. She works at Capgemini, a global leader in consulting, technology services and digital transformation. She mainly focuses on Cloud, Security, Productivity, and IoT. She loves to share her knowledge and is active in the Microsoft community as a co-founder of the user groups Tech Daily Chronicle, Global XR Community and the Mixed Reality User Group. She is director of the Global AI Community and board member of Azure Thursdays. Sjoukje is an international speaker and involved in organizing many events. She wrote several books and writes blogs.

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