Thursday, May 6, we organized another Azure Thursday again. This time, we had the following speakers:

Sarah Maston | Project 15

Project 15 from Microsoft ( began when Sarah Maston realized that solutions and skills of the commercial solutioning world could help scientific projects be accelerated. She realized this after a safety platform she had invented for safe schools had a new use case of anti-poaching. Additionally, what was the real difference in the prevention of loss from a store from preventing the loss of a pangolin.

Now entering its second year, Project 15 from Microsoft has partnered with many NGO organizations including the GEF Small Grants Programme implemented by the United Nations Development Programme. This session will cover the origin of Project 15 and how as Sarah and her co-founder Daisuke Nakahara developed the Project 15 Open Platform to accelerate the development of IoT solutions in the scientific space.

Sander van de Velde | Solving real world problems using ML.Net and Azure IoT edge

Life is strange for IoT devices. They are ‘born’ in the outside world all alone, or they are on the move, or they are located in places which are hazardous, not easy to access, and nobody is there to nurture them.
But still, they have to execute logic locally and make intelligent decisions on their own using eg. ML.
Luckily, Azure IoT Edge comes to the rescue Zero-touch provisioning and deployment.
In this session, attendees learn how Azure IoT Edge is brought to life successfully for intelligence on the edge and how Azure provisioning services help unattended provisioning.

Watch the stream

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