Sarah Laan: When superpowers combine; Azure & Octopus Deploy

Microsoft Azure is a great option for organisations looking to host their IT infrastructure in the cloud or as a hybrid partner. While Octopus Deploy is a tool that can help you automate the deployment of your infrastructure and software releases all in one place.

In this talk, we’ll cover off the possibilities of using Octopus Deploy to help your developers, release managers, and operations folk deploy and manage their Azure resources.

Kendall Roden: Azure Container Apps

At Ignite, Microsoft announced Azure Container Apps, a serverless application-centric hosting service that enables users to quickly deploy containerized applications and microservices to Azure without the need to configure and manage underlying infrastructure resources or container orchestrators. Azure Container Apps runs on Azure Kubernetes Service, and includes several open-source projects: Kubernetes Event Driven Autoscaling (KEDA), Distributed Application Runtime (Dapr), and Envoy. This open-source foundation enables teams to build and run portable applications powered by Kubernetes and open standards without the operational overhead and management complexity of working with the platform directly. Join this session to hear from the container apps PG about the offering, how it fits into the Azure Portfolio and where it is headed!