Thursday, June 3rd was Azure Thursday again. This time, we had the following awesome speakers:

Yusuf Yusuf | Monitoring & Debugging Distributed Systems in Azure

The development of containers and container orchestrator has made it easier for people to develop distributed systems. Distributed systems have the benefit of making an application more scalable and reliable. But when something goes wrong within that system, it becomes more difficult to pinpoint and fix the issue compared to a standard single system. In this session I will demonstrate how with the help of Azure Monitor, you can not only detect and diagnose issues, but also visualize performance.

Jordi van Drunen & Stefan Dingemanse | Introduction to WVD and how to use Azure DevOps for Image

Quick introduction to WVD and how to use Azure DevOps for Image and Software management.

Watch the stream

You can watch the full recording of the stream here: