Thursday, July 3rd was our last Azure Thursday before summer break! This time, we had the following awesome speakers:

Patrick van den Born & Rick Stijnman | Deploying Windows 10 Enterprise multi-session with Azure DevOps, Terraform and Packer

DevOps, Scrum, infrastructure-as-code, AVD, and cloud: what do they mean to the sysadmin? Many organizations are on the eve of, or already busy with, the migration from a traditional management or project organization to an agile approach, but what does such a transition entail?

Rick will explain the journey from a traditional management organization to a Scrum/DevOps approach. Patrick will then explore the DevOps approach in practical terms, focusing on rolling out Windows 10 Enterprise multi-session (‘Win10MS’) on Azure. You will learn how infrastructure-as-code (via Terraform) and image-as-code (via Packer) can be deployed using Azure DevOps.

Poornima Nayar | Getting started with Azure Static Web Apps

In this session, we will get introduced to Azure Static Web Apps. We will look into what it takes to build a Blazor WebAssembly based Static Web App to Azure. We will first look at what it takes to power it using a REST API while getting into grips with some of the basic concepts about Azure Static Web Apps. After that we will also have a look at how we can get a Static Web App powered by a GraphQL endpoint.

Watch the stream

You can watch the full recording of the stream here: