Frank Buters: Getting rid of silo’s, Embracing MLOps, Democratize data all sounds catchy but how?

Having come across of many examples, especially within the financial sector (Banks, Insurance, Pensions), where data, modelling and IT activities take place in different teams across departments, we know about some of the pains of our customers. So how can technology, and in particular Azure technology, help here? During this Azure Thursday event we will discuss and experience how Azure Synapse Analytics together with Azure Machine Learning can help relieve some of these pains. We will show you how a model can be deployed as a stand-alone API, and how easy it is to use the same model to score records in a traditional data warehouse. In this way, we hope to give a flavor of how state-of-the art techniques can go hand-in-hand with more traditional ways of processing and storing data.

Anna-Maria Wykes: Terraforming the Cloud: A guide to using Terraform to control cloud deployments

Azure provides us with many ways to deploy our workloads, but how can we do this repeatable and cross-cloud? During this session, I am going to start with the basics and work my way up to managing dependencies, managing state, and how to leverage Terraform in Azure DevOps.