Our Azure Thursday meetup was a huge success again! This time, we had the following speakers and sessions:

Rory Preddy | Programming for Accessibility

Building accessibility into the planning stages of programming can eliminate barriers to participation and create an inclusive environment for people with disabilities. Programming for diversity serves as an unquestionable indicator that your software embraces the diversity of your users and cares about their safety and comfort.

Andre van den Berg | Blogging with Markdown and Azure DevOps

Explaining the basics of markdown, and then show how you can build a static site with Hugo generated from the markdown files. Then will show how to automate this with Azure DevOps. So first we put the markdown files on a Azure Repo so we can have version control. Then we build a Build pipeline in Azure DevOps to generate the Artifact that we can use in the Release pipeline to Publish the static generated website on Azure Webapps when there is a commit on the master of the Repo.

Esther Barthel & Freek Berson | Empowering ARM and JSON with Project ‘Bicep’

70% of all declarative resources created in Azure are done via ARM Templates! ARM Templates are based on JSON and a declarative syntax, but how easy is it to author these? Join Esther and Freek for a fun and demo-heavy session and learn how to empower your ARM Templates with Project ‘Bicep’!