This evening we had two amazing speakers again!

Gianni Castaldi & Jeroen Niesen: How to run an Azure SOC like Ninja’s

Most companies use Microsoft Azure as their cloud. With the use of Azure, companies are bringing sensitive data to Azure. Just as on-premises you want to make sure that your data is well protected and is compliant with the law and regulations of your company’s industry. Azure has all components available to create a next-gen SOC. In this session,

Jeroen and Gianni will tell you how you can build a SOC in Microsoft Azure and make sure that you get the best alerts, and do not get overloaded with security alerts. Jeroen and Gianni will Discuss Microsoft Sentinel, Microsoft 365 Defender, Kusto, API, and much more.

Suzanne Daniels: Hej! An intro to Backstage

Backstage is Spotify’s Developer Portal, and now a thriving Open Source project donated to CNCF with a growing community of contributors. It’s been adopted with companies like Expedia, Netflix, American Airlines, and Epic Games.

Suzanne will share the story why Backstage was developed and why it became the core of Developer Experience at Spotify. You’ll get a brief tour of the Backstage platform, the plugin ecosystem, and get an understanding of the key use cases for Backstage. Suzanne’s passion is finding ways to help developers and engineers get the tools and skills to do what they do best: creating the software this world runs on while trying to innovate and make sense of buzzwords at the same time. She’s organizer of events, host and a speaker on both technical topics and more in general on transformation & innovation.