My new book: Azure DevOps Explained is just released!

I’ve written this book together with Amit Malik, and Stephano Demilliani. It is aimed at developers, solutions architects, and DevOps engineers interested in getting started with cloud DevOps practices on Azure.

What you will learn

  • Get to grips with Azure DevOps
  • Find out about project management with Azure Boards
  • Understand source code management with Azure Repos
  • Build and release pipelines
  • Run quality tests in build pipelines
  • Use artifacts and integrate Azure DevOps in the GitHub flow
  • Discover real-world CI/CD scenarios with Azure DevOps

Table of Contents

  1. Azure DevOps Overview
  2. Managing Projects with Azure DevOps Boards
  3. Source Control Management with Azure DevOps
  4. Understanding Azure DevOps Pipelines
  5. Running Quality Tests in a Build Pipeline
  6. Hosting Your Own Azure Pipeline Agent
  7. Using Artifacts with Azure DevOps
  8. Deploying Applications with Azure DevOps
  9. Integrating Azure DevOps with GitHub
  10. Using Test Plans with Azure DevOps
  11. Real-World CI/CD Scenarios with Azure DevOps

You can order the book on Amazon using this link: