For some special Christmas food for thought, we focus on the far reaches of our “Realities”.  Here on the show we believe that interventional, courageous leadership combined with cloud can change the future reality of a business or human.  But, what is real? What is not? And does it matter?!

We look at the thinking currently happening in the space of the Simulation Hypothesis, which suggests that we likely live in a computer simulation, and ask how it can be applied to solve “better problems” and improve our innovation ambition.

Dave and Sjoukje are reunited with re:Invent Roving Reporter Rob Kernahan, who’s finally back from Vegas, and they talk to Anders Indset, Philosopher, Author and renowned speaker to get his insights following some recent research he has been participating in, in this field, as well as his thinking on The Quantum Economy (links below).

Finally, in tech trends we talk about the EUs recent use of the Metaverse to engage Gen Z in the work they do.  It was ill attended sadly, so the team speculate on what might have happened.

01:36 Intros
02:14 Cloud conversation with Anders Indset
EU in the Metaverse
Christmas with family and a Quantum Economy trilogy!

Further Reading:

Do we live in a quantum simulation? Constraints, observations, and experiments on the simulation hypothesis (Anders Inset, Florian Neukart, Markus Pflitsch and Michael Perelshtein)

The Quantum Economy: Saving the Mensch with Humanistic Capitalism
Anders Indset:

Additional reading referenced in the show: